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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’’…as rightly said by the great Greek teacher and philosopher Aristotle. We strongly believe in this saying. We ensure that every child is not just educated but also enlightened with morals and life values. A Tibetan proverb can be highlighted here, which says ‘A child without education is like a bird without wings’. Our prime goal is to spread the fragrance of education on every child and transform them into bright blossoms.


Nowadays, children are eagerly willing  to acquire new skills and techniques on a continuous basis. We aim at creating and nurturing such passionate learners. We give our utmost support for them to progress as great leaders, who have a futuristic vision, mission and a noble character. 


 Children start the process of learning when they are quite young. Have you wondered how young? Right inside their mother’s womb. They learn how to kick and react to sounds that they hear. Our school kindles this quest for learning in every possible method, thereby making the child to explore, research and learn. This boosts their confidence and carves them into focussed individuals.


Sharing and caring always follow the process of learning. We mould your child into a responsible human being, who will apply his/her knowledge for the prosperity of the society. We improvise their social skills so that they will actively contribute to the development of our nation. 



RESILIENCE : I exhibit a can-do attitude in times of adversity 

INTEGRITY :  I do the right thing even when I am not being watched

SELF-DISCIPLINE : I can control myself and my actions

EMPATHY :  I care and I share

Our Team


Shri Vijayakumar 

Shri Vijayakumar founded N. Muthuswamy Educational Trust in the year 2018 with the sole objective of establishing noteworthy educational institutions. Sujay Public School was birthed out of an initiative with the intention of fulfilling his passion to provide a holistic-based educational system for children.

A leading architect in the city of Chennai for over three decades, the founder is an alumnus of Regional Engineering College, Trichy. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, he has been instrumental in conceptualising, designing and constructing several illustrious residential and institutional buildings in and around Chennai. His inspiration to create better citizens made him conceive the idea of setting up a school.


Shri Muhil Vijayakumar

Shri Muhil Vijayakumar, the school’s correspondent, is an alumnus of Sathyabama University, Chennai. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and later pursued his post-graduation in Australia. Instilled with the same passion as his father, he gained a lot of experience by working under him in the field of education for many years. Inspired and encouraged to provide quality education that prepares students to compete in the global market, he played an active role in setting up the school alongside his father.


Shri Rajendran

Shri Rajendran, the school’s Principal, has more than 30 years of experience as a Teacher and Administrator in the field of education. He was the Vice-Principal in one of India’s best schools, SISHYA at Adyar, Chennai for over seven years. In 2014, he became the Founder Principal of Shraddha Children’s Academy at Kottivakkam, Chennai. He played a key role in taking the school to new heights with his sincerity and dedication. At present, he has taken over the role of Principal and is an active member of the School Management Committee.

A continuous learner, he holds several degrees in M.A. English, B.ED., M.PHIL, M.COM., M.B.A. and a diploma in ‘Educational Leadership Program’ conducted by a Delhi based organisation.

He has been instrumental in imparting and upholding the highest traditions of education in his current and previous assignments by working with a number of famed institutions and the country’s brightest minds. He has also organised inter-school sports and cultural programmes in elocution, dance, drama, music, arts, etc.

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